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Accommodation at the station

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Have you ever spent your holiday at a railway station? Exploit our offer of holiday accommodation in fully equipped apartments within newly refurbished station buildings of Střížovice, Hůrky, Kunžak-Lomy, Albeř, and Nová Bystřice, in the very heart of the nature of Southern Bohemia and Czech Canada. Our trains run right so often as you could enjoy them on your trips, and at the same time as you would not disturbed in your relax time. And another advantage is, that the train stops right at your doorstep!

Contact person: Kristýna Havlíková, DiS., phone +420 737 204 544, e-mail:


Dolní Skrýchov

Former personnel house is couple meters of main and narrow gauge track together. Enjoy the railway trafic in one level and on the lower level you can relaxed in the garden.


Old fashion railway equipt house in the middle of forest. Meet the deers during the breakfat in the morning and enjoy the silence.

Kunžak - Lomy

The middle staion of track to Nova Bystrice is regulary crossing station of two trains. Nice accomodation for familes 10 minutes by car to Jindrichuv Hradec and 5 minutes by wolk to the forest.


Enjoy romantic sunrise above the lake and sound of approaching morning train. Station Hurky is surrounded by forest and childern could play on big grass garden - field.


Enjoy absolutly private appartment in Albeř station. Stay alone far from people and feel the spirit of nature.

Nová Bystřice

Two appartment 5 minutes from center of Nová Bystřice. From the first floor you will have the best overview to the station and steam train.