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Printing the Edmonson pasteboard tickets

At present our company is the only producer of the pasteboard Edmondson railway tickets which have been an inherent part of railway travelling experience for decades. The tickets are printed solely by the traditional technology; no computer simulation is used. 
With pleasure we will offer you printing tickets for various occasional or nostalgic trips, entrance tickets, or even business cards in the form of a railway ticket.

For printing tickets you may choose from a broad offer of card papers – from a smooth white one to various coloured patterns. The print may be one-sided or both-sided, and each ticket may be labelled by a simple graphics as your logo. The tickets are numbered.

The tickets size is 30 x 57 mm; their prices are given in CZK incl. VAT. Please order your card tickets at latest 14 days before the desired deadline.
Packing and shipping costs are charged according to the weight and size of the parcel and to the delivery address.

Prices of printing the card-based tickets (single-coloured tickets, minimum 100 pieces)

100 to 300 of a kind 3 CZK each
301 – 500 of a kind 2,50 CZK each
501+ of a kind 2 CZK each
surcharge for both-sided printing 0,50 CZK each
surcharge for printing on a coloured card 0,50 CZK each

Business cards, PF, wedding cards etc. in the form of a card ticket

100 to 300 of a kind 5 CZK each
301+ of a kind 4,50 CZK each
surcharge for both-sided printing 0,50 CZK each
preparing logo from the provided data 350 CZK

Contact person: Kristýna Havlíková, DiS., phone +420 737 204 544, e-mail: